Almost Home

dragonfly 007 dragonfly 008

My heart always takes an extra leap of joy, after being away, to see the first glimpse of home. Oh, not really home yet, but close enough that it looks like home and smells like home, and I know it won’t be long until I am home. As a child, that timing would be Kalamalka Lake if coming from the north or east, and the south end of Okanagan Lake when coming on the Hope-Princeton. These photos are taken as the bus came down off the connector this summer. When I was much younger, I remember looking for the Rainbow Motel when we would come to Kelowna to visit Grandma. I knew it was only one more street until we reached our destination. Grandma and Grandpa Switzer lived in Calgary ( technically outside of city limits still when I was very young) and Calgary was big, but when we passed the brewery I knew we would be THERE in only another 5-10 minutes.  I suppose wherever you live, your heart and mind set the marker for when it feels you are almost home.

As a child of God, and follower of Jesus Christ, I firmly believe that this is not really home; my citizenship is in heaven and I long to be there. Are there “markers” for when the time to go home is near? Well, not visual ones I guess. But I received news this evening that a dear friend could quite possible be nearing home. The news is hard to take. Painful to accept. Remembering how devastated I felt when dad called to say my mom had very little time left, I am praying tonight for my friend, and for her children and grandchildren. While still praying for a miracle, I recognize that sometimes the miracle is release from the pain and frustrations and limitations of this life to wholeness and freedom in the presence of our Lord.

Almost home.


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