Continuing thoughts on hats

The assignment,, would I choose to accept it, was to write a post that builds on a comment left another day…so I thinking about hats. I love Sonja’s blog theme of giving daily; this one struck a chord.

I have had this dislike of hats for as long as I can remember. I think the problem is more that I really do not look good in any hat so it is easier to say I do not like hats than to accept the blame for myself. When I was a child, a lady was expected to wear a hat. One did not go to town or to church without a hat. There were, of course, various styles and kinds to choose from…and as Sonja has mentioned- some were beautiful and others downright ugly. 🙂 I can remember looking at women and wondering WHY a woman had to wear a hat. What if hats don’t suit you?  I would try to visualize what I might look like in this hat or that. And shudder.  So thankful I can go to church or to the mall without a hat.


3 thoughts on “Continuing thoughts on hats

  1. Interesting thing about hats, i call hats “identities”; the persona we ware (the mask) we put on when we are changing rolls in life; The hat we want people to see us as; not the real you; but the public persona; when we go to work; we put on our work hat; when we come home we put on our mom/dad/ hat; and so on; you get the idea. I enjoyed your comments, great work, LOL Murray

    • That is true, Murray, though I wasn’t thinking of it in those terms. In this sense, I guess I wear a lot of hats- wife, mom, grandmother, friend, co-worker, employee, counselor, mentor…:) Thanks for that reminder. And that has given me an idea for work! (I work with the elderly, most have some level of dementia.) Hats would make a super discussion starter; now I need to find a wide variety of hats. LOL

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